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PHP basic Syntax | PHP Code | PHP Programming Language


We are sharing basic PHP syntax for beginners to get easily understand the code.

PHP Syntax

In this lesson We are Sharing basic PHP Syntax Example For Beginners to get easily understands the Programming, Coding Structure. In PHP We can write PHP Syntax in between <? PHP starting tags | and ending tags ?>. Lets See The Example.

PHP Echo Example

<? PHP

// Example Of PHP Code

Echo “Learn Programming Syntax”;  -> This is a Syntax


This Code We save it the htdocs folder and create a PHP File that we can run on html browser.Here We always remember that PHP Script is executed on the server and the html result send back to the browser.

PHP Code

The PHP Code is very simple to understand for beginners. It is written on the Script and it is saved with the extension –  .php

Here We are showing the example. Let’s see


// Single line Comment

Print “Hi What’s Up Guys”;


Is PHP Keyword Case – Sensitivity ?

The easiest way, we can write PHP code.There is no keywords are Case – Sensitive.

Here We have Shown Example. Let’s See



Print “Hello Viewers”;

Echo “Hurrah! We are in Coding”;


PHP Comments – Single – Line / Multiple – Line

In this section We are showing PHP comment tag  Single – Line & Multiline

Multiple – Line Commants Example for beginners to get easily know how to use Comments in PHP . Let’s See Our Example


// Single – Line Comment

/* This is

Multiple – Line Commant


$var = “This a Simple PHP Lesson /*For Beginners*/ “;

Print  $var;



PHP Programming Language is Easy Or Tuff

Now the question is really PHP Programming Language is easy or hard. As per Our Knowledge is concern This is a best Programming, Scripting Language that we can easily write PHP Code and create a Web site as quickly as early. Lets You can see Our PHP Example


$var = “This is a Number – “;

$value = 50;

$result = $var.$value;

Echo $result;


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