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Html table examples | Html table attributes | form table html

html table example for beginners

Html table examples

We are showing html table examples for creating html form . This is a Html tutorial for beginners to get easily understand and do practice html code in a text editor.

Let’s check what we have shown HTML Code

How To Create Html Form Using Table

Form table html – 



<head>Html Form Create Using Table</head>



<form method=”post” action=”#” id=”frm”>

<table class=”” id=”tab”>


<th colspan=”2″>Fill Up The Registration Form</th>



<td>Full Name</td>

<td><input type=”text” name=”fnme” placeholder=”Enter Full Name”/></td>




<td><input type=”text” name=”unme” placeholder=”Enter Username”/></td>



<td> User Password</td>

<td><input type=”password” name=”pwd” placeholder=”Enter Password”/></td>




<td><textarea name=”address” placeholder=”Enter Full Name”></textarea></td>



<td>Date Registration</td>

<td><input type=”date” name=”date” /></td>



<td>Select Country</td>


<select name=”country”>

<option value=”India”>INDIA </option>

<option value=”AUSTRALIA”>AUSTRALIA </option>

<option value=”SOUTH AFRICA”>SOUTH-AFRICA</option>







<input type = “radio” name=”gender” value=”Male”/>Male

<input type = “radio” name = “gender” value = “Female”/>Female




<td colspan=”2”>

<input type = “submit” name = “submit” value = “Save”/>








Html Mark-up Tags | Html table attributes

List of html tags, we have used to create html user registration form using tables.And We have shown varaety of attributes for creating table using the form.

  1. Form
  2. Table
  3. Tr
  4. Td
  5. Input
  6. Text area
  7. Select

Html Tags –  Properties

  1. Name
  2. Value
  3. Type
  4. Placeholder

In this Section We have covered the basic registration form,  Structure using html tags. This is a way we can create a User Registration Form.If you need to try it you can copy the html code in a text editor and save it with extension .html or .htm

Html Checkbox

In this session we are covering up html checkbox input type tags.Lets See Out Html Code

<input type =”checkbox” name = “hobby” value = “Cricket”/>Cricket

<input type =”checkbox” name = “hobby” value = “Football”/>Football

<input type =”checkbox” name = “hobby” value = “Hockey”/>Hockey

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